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The End of the Road


Although not a traditional graduate class, this semester's Emerging Media course provided much needed hands-on learning about new technologies and tools.

There will always be new emerging media (the wireless telegraph was once a new medium), but today's technology is advancing at a rapid pace and professionals and academics alike need to know about new technologies and how they affect the way we live.

The greatest resources provided to us in this class were the speakers who graciously took the time to meet with us and share their insights and experiences, including:
This class was valuable to me in because it provided time to explore and consider new technologies and best practices for how to use them. Because of the speed at which technology develops, a great spin-off of this class would be an annual 3-week crash course in emerging media!

Although it was nice to have the creative freedom to choose our own class projects, one thing I would change about this class is having the development of an online personal brand be a separate project. Although some students focused on this for their individual project, we all could use the time and drive to tend to our personal brands.

Overall, what I learned in class has practical applications both personally and professionally and I'm glad to have had this experience.

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