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Blogging is a remarkable platform for personal and professional expression. Being tasked with having a blog for our emerging media class has been a learning experience. Coming up with unique topics that you are interested in that also share a common focus can be challenging, as can updating your blog on a regular basis. Overall, this blog has taught me a lot about blogging in terms of using Weebly tools and what to do and not to do (i.e., always save a draft of your post!)

For my personal project, I developed a plan of attack for jump starting and sustaining a company blog. Having multiple authors of a blog presents a number of challenges and opportunities. The Opportunities: Each author brings a his or her own insights and perspective to the table along with a different style of writing. The result is a melting pot of topics, thoughts, and opinions. The Challenges: A group blog still requires an editorial review process, not only for proofreading, but also to ensure that the posts mirror the organization's values as a whole.

To get everyone on the same page and develop a turnkey system for developing blog posts, I developed a plan that outlines the goals, objectives, audiences, and metrics to measure our progress. Much work was done to develop a plan for blog post development, including assigning editorial beats based on personal interests and an editorial calendar to ensure that content is created on an ongoing basis.

Understanding and being able to use social media tools to their full potential requires hands-on experience and I'm glad to have had this project as a springboard for more things to come!

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